MCP Group

Since our origins in 1994, our customers have taught us so much.  In funding over $2 Billion in Finance, facilitating the purchase and sale of over 10,000 properties & businesses amongst other things, we have seen a lot.



What you do even when no-one is looking. A must when dealing with your Money & Assets.


A desire to keep finding better ways to do things.


To you and your Assets, and get the results you need.


Where it starts for everyone.


The story of MCP is essentially a journey that started with helpful, educative steps towards financial and business literacy.  We have learnt so much from seeing and playing a part in the success of others.  We aim in the end to pass that on to our customers and partners.

Our people and partners are spread across city and regional areas.  We have diverse backgrounds including accounting, banking, legal, property, insurance, business owners.